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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quilt Along.. Step 5

Step 5 - "Basting"

Materials needed for step 5:
Quilt top
Safety Pins

First Measure the length of your quilt top to determine the length of fabric you need to cut for your backing.  Cut your backing 2" longer than your quilt top. You do not need to measure the wide of the quilt top as the width of the fabric is the perfect size for this quilt. Iron out any wrinkes that are in your backing.

Once you cut your back fabric you should have some left over fabric to use for your binding.  Cut 4 2 1/2 X WOF (width of fabric) strips and set aside.. (note you will see that my backing and binding are not the same just pretend they are :))

For this quilt we only need  a crib size package of batting.  This is my favorite batting to use!

Measure and cut the batting to be the same size as your backing piece.

Lay out your back piece face down on the floor and tape all four courners.  Make sure there are no wrinkles and that it is pulled tight.

Then lay your batting on top of your backing and tape corners, again making sure there are no wrinkles.

Then lay your quilt top face up. 

Then using your safety pins start pinning!  I like to start in the corners and go around the boarders and then move my way in to the middle.

If you have any questions please comment :)

Stay tunned for the next step "quilting"


  1. I've been following along - not sewing, just reading so far - and really like the look of this quilt. But I have a question. Today I went back to read the measurements of the strips - colors 8x3, white 8x2.5 - so here's the question: when these are sewn together, do you not end with a block that's 8x7.5 (white = 2", colors = 2.75" each)? If they're not square.....

  2. Yes, the block is more like 8 X 7.5! I did some changes along the way (I don't sketch things I just wing my patterns!) I will make the adjustment in the previous step that its not an 8" block and more like a 8 X 7.5 rectangle! Thanks :)

  3. Thanks Laura - but then, how do you get the blocks to match at the corners if one side is longer than the other? Or, are you trimming them to be 7.5" square?

  4. Yes, in step 3 after the rows are sewn together
    I trim them so everything is even.