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Friday, February 11, 2011

Heart Patchwork Pin Cushion

I was thinking this morning, as I was laying in bed trying to go back to sleep this after being awake with my 3 month old at 5:30 am, what should I do for my very first blog tutorial.  I knew I wanted to do something with a valentines day theme and then it hit me!  A cute Heart Patchwork Pin Cushion!  All crafters need a pin cushion right!? So here we go...

Materials Needed:
Scrap Fabric
8 1/2 X 11 Paper
Coordinating Thread
Sewing Machine
Iron/Ironing Board
Poly-fill/scrap fabric

Step 1 - Fold your paper in half and draw half a heart.  This is going to be your template so make it as big or small as you want.

Step 2 - Unfold the paper and cut our your heart template.

Step 3 - Take your scrap fabrics and cut them in 2" wide strips.  Then cut them in random lengths. Lay them out how you would like to sew them.  Make sure you take your heart template and place it on top of the fabric strips to ensure you have enough. (need enough fabric strips to cut 2 heart shapes)

Step 4 - Once you have sewn your fabric strips together press your seems open. Then pin your heart template to the fabric and cut out 2 heart shapes.

Step 5 - Place the right sides of the fabrics together and sew around the heart leaving a 1" hole.  This is where you will flip your cushion inside out and stuff with poly-fill.

Step 6 - Stuff your heart cushion with poly-fill, or scrap fabrics.  Once your heart cushion is so full you can't squeeze any more in, you will now sew it shut with a needle and thread.

 Complete - You now have a super cute Heart Patchwork Pin Cushion!


  1. Awesome tutorial! I can't wait to get my supplies so I can make this! Perfect for scraps! You will have to do a tutorial on sewing with needle and thread - I need the basics here :)

  2. Haha, ok.. I will do some basic stuff a little later!

  3. This turned out really cute. Glad to see another new blogger!

  4. Very nice thanks for sharing
    Hugs Janice