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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday

So this week I have been trying to find any spare second to do some custom orders!  I have been finding it extremely hard lately, since my almost 6 month old has recently decided to wake up 3 times a night :( I usually do all my sewing when my girls go to bed at night, but I have just been to tired!  But last night I made myself go downstairs and sit at my machine until I got at least 3 of my orders complete!!

Baby Blanket

 Cell Phone Case
 Matching Cell Phone Case and Key/Fob Chain
 Cell Phone Case
 Jewelry Roll

Whats in store for the rest of the week?
- Quilt and bind a custom double quilt
- Sew a custom tote bag and cell phone case
- Sew patchwork, quilt and bind a lap quilt for my Etsy page
- Sew patchwork a double quilt for my Etsy page

This should keep me busy!

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