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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Thread Collection!

I LOVE thread!  And I know some of you (MOM) were super excited to read my blog post about my thread!! lol..

My favorite thread is from the one and only Connecting Threads, as most of you know that is my favorite quilting fabric store!!!! It is 100% Egyptian Cotton with a Satin Finish, one roll is 1200 yards so it last a really long time.. I have made 3 lap quilts with one spool start to finish and there is still some left!  As you can tell with all the !!!!! I am using I am super excited! hehe

I carry my thread spools in this cute tote I bought from a craft store.

This is my collection so far, this is only 34 spools of over 100 to choose from, from Connecting Threads!

One of many fabulous colours :)

When I am making a quilt I like my thread to match my backing material, so when ever I buy material for a quilt I buy a new spool of thread.. However, whenever there is a cute colour that catches my eye I usually buy it too.. Even though I have no use for it at the time.... ohhh once again, my online shopping addiction kicks in ;)

I would love to hear about your thread collections, I hope I am not the only one addicted to thread!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. : ) I counted once. I'm also a threadpainter. I got to 200 spools... and then I bought nearly 75 more at an estate sale. : )
    I do love the prices at connecting threads too! I love that they are huge spools that fit on regular machines. That is so cool.

    : )